Leader Institute 2017

Your biggest profit potential lives in you and your people.


Good leaders agree that people are their most important resource, and that investing in their emerging leaders brings the greatest returns

However, there is a dilemma, and it is characterized by questions like:

  • How do I grow myself as a leader?
  • How do I grow and train my emerging leaders effectively?
  • Where would I find the time to train them for leadership?
  • Do I really have the expertise required to do this teaching?

Introducing: Leader Institute 

In contrast to a “canned approach” or an intense blast of information, this personalized leadership training is as strong on application as it is on concepts.  Topics such as these are customized to meet your needs:

  • Understanding my leadership style
  • Understanding what drives my leadership style
  • Personal accountability
  • Improved personal productivity
  • Priorities, goal setting, and goal management to stay on track
  • Decision making for problem resolution
  • Vision setting to align people and resources
  • Planning and organizing (including delegation)
  • Implementation
  • Project management

How much do you value the future of your organization?

Are you willing to invest $185 per month per emerging leader to grow them to the next level and reap dividends for years to come?

For more information on Leader Institute by Moellering, go to moellering.com or call 888-906-4111.