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You know you are good at what you do, but do you keep being drawn to the idea of being even better? Do you want to truly understand your impact and to realize the opportunities that are waiting for you? Are you sensing a desire to more closely adhere to and model Biblical principles as you seek to achieve your greatest levels of success?

Other leaders like you find challenges in:

  • Clarity—where do I start and what do I do?
  • Time constraints—how can I maximize my learning efforts?
  • Perspective—do I really know what my leadership style is and how I come across to others?
  • Accountability—how do I apply what I learn?


A data-driven approach can give you an in-depth understanding of potential issues and quickly reveal the direction toward your desired success as a leader.

Leaders can often be misled

When Juan, owner of a landscaping company, came to me, he was a disheartened man. He had built a thriving and growing business with hopes and dreams to become independent, to be free, to do his own thing. The problem was that Juan found out what many entrepreneurs learn—although he was the business owner, his business owned him. His dreams of being free were NOT coming true.

He questioned his leadership abilities and effectiveness, wondering why he was unable to lead the business, and those in it, and why instead the business was leading him.

Imagine leaving behind both self-doubt and ineffective leadership tactics and clearly seeing your best path to becoming an effective, fulfilled servant-leader.

Because you have identified the roadblocks and barriers that threaten to derail leaders, you can anticipate them and take them in stride. Uncovered workplace stress has revealed new opportunities for growth and change. Instead of rowing your boat, you now steer your boat toward greater success.

Becoming a great leader takes time and effort.

Leaders struggle with development for many reasons:

  • Sometimes leadership is learned by reading or watching surrounding leaders, for better or for worse.
  • Trying to morph into someone else’s leadership style leads to frustration all around.
  • Without a clear picture of how they are coming across or being perceived, leaders find it difficult to “right the course.”
  • It can be unacceptable to talk openly and honestly about challenges for fear of looking weak and lacking confidence.
  • Even with all the necessary information at hand, streamlining learning into a practical set of strategies takes more time than is available.


Yes, there are very real struggles in becoming the leader you know you are made to be, but navigating those intense challenges for personal growth and organizational success is possible.

Use a proven approach to growth

Leadership development can be obtained better and faster with a data-driven method. Using the “science of self,” you can get a clearer picture of where you are and determine how to get to where you want to be.

  • Make a conscious decision to invest in yourself. It truly is the best investment you will ever make.
  • Learn how you are “wired.” When you understand your own behavioral style and what is behind that, you can optimize it.
  • Identify your own personal stressors, roadblocks and barriers, and find out the best way to resolve issues.
  • Find out your greatest skills for best utilization, as well as your skills that need further development.

Through executive coaching, Juan began to see that he was his own worst enemy. While he was very good at what he did, he saw many ways that he could become better. Juan made an investment in himself and now has a very profitable business that he leads effectively—one that affords him the time to spend with his family and take those long-dreamed-of vacations!

Moellering: Leading Leaders to Greater Impact

Moellering works with owners and managers of family-owned businesses and nonprofits who are struggling to understand their influence and desiring to more closely adhere to and model Biblical principles as they seek to achieve greater levels of success.

Moellering uses a data-driven approach to help leaders determine their best path forward and learn how to salvage their dreams of leading effectively. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of success stories, Moellering can help you discover your unique leadership style and walk with you as you implement strategic changes and emerge as a great, fulfilled and productive leader.

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