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What They’re Saying About Us

“Through the years of working with Carl, we have always felt that we were his highest priority. His ability to be incredibly firm with the challenge of improving combined with his patience in letting us progress at the rate we were capable of, provided an excellent environment for growth and improvement. Carl has always been incredibly well prepared and has tailored his material to precisely what we need. We absolutely know that we are cared for and cared about.”

“Our turnover rate has gone down and right now I feel that we have the best employees in the world.”

“Nothing more pleasing from an HR standpoint than to stand back and watch this transformation take place -- to see an employee fulfilling their dream and making a valuable contribution to our company … it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

“They took a real personal interest in the project. Staffing concerns were not eliminated but certainly improved. Then, on the CEO search, Carl spent a lot of time working with the search committee to educate on the assessment evaluation. That helped the committee quickly sort through the candidates to determine if they would make the short list. Then as the committee interviewed the final candidates, we used that assessment to help evaluate their overall strengths and weaknesses. Without Carl & Bev and the assessment, our review would have been only subjective.”

“Life is good. We do not hire anyone with out going through a Moellering Assessment. Moellering has made all the difference in the hiring process along with the coaching and leadership tracks which ultimately has had a positive impact on our culture.”

“When interviewing, there are many people who know the right words, can convince you that they are the right candidate; however, something in you gut tells you different. Then there are others that don’t interview well, and you pass on them due to their inability to sell themselves. This is where the Moellering Assessment shines … as it takes all the guess work out of it and really hones on the character/skillset and matches it to the position – simply remarkable!”

“I’ve been in the workforce for over 40 years and I’ve never worked with a group who are so genuine and committed as the Moellering family. They truly care about people as well as businesses … very simply to get back to basics, do the right thing for all and build our community by providing our employees a great place to work. They are constantly learning themselves and sharing what will make us a better company/community. It’s so rewarding and refreshing to work with the Moellering family and I would highly recommend anyone / everyone to have the opportunity to meet them personally as I guarantee that you will not be disappointed … very extraordinary people.”

“Carl & Bev go out of their way to be sure they communicate effectively in every instance. So, as we meet with them, they spend a lot of time walking through where we came from and where we need to get to. Their methodical approach is very good! They are as much hands-on as needed.”