Turn a frustrating team member into a star employee.

Solve your employee crisis using objective data and coaching. Whether it’s an underperforming employee or a dysfunctional team, we can help you create a company culture that is productive and profitable.

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Signs of an Unhealthy Culture

Unaccountable Employees

The person you hired during the interview is not performing the way you anticipated. They just don’t fit, and, for whatever reason, the employee is not being held accountable.

Relieve your frustration

Dysfunctional Teams

Do you have a team that just doesn’t enjoy working together? Do your employees act disinterested? When you aren’t getting the most out of your team, you aren’t getting the most out of your company.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

Conflict Avoidance

Whether it’s an overwhelming amount of stress or tension with another individual, it doesn’t take long for underlying conflicts to infiltrate key areas of your organization.

Clear the Air Today

Ending In:

Wasted Time & Money

Low Company Morale

Maximum Stress

We believe you can…

Enjoy coming to work.

Lead your company well.

Have highly productive teams.

Here’s How.

1 | Pinpoint the Problem

We use objective assessments that measure behavior, driving forces, core competencies, and more to get a clear picture of what your team looks like.

2 | Plan a Path for Success

Together, we will discuss the results and begin addressing the issues through 1-on-1 and group coaching, creating an open communication between you and your team.

3 | Develop New Culture

Once we resolve and overcome the issues that plagued you in the past, we make sure to stick with your team and help create a culture where people are productive & enjoy working together.

Carl & Bev go out of their way to be sure they communicate effectively in every instance. As we meet with them, they spend a lot of time walking through where we came from and where we need to get to. Their methodical approach is very good! They are as much hands-on as needed. For the cost, the value is great.

As a management team, we now understand each other much better. We know each other’s motivators and behavior styles, and thus have been able to more effectively communicate with each other.

Through the years of working with Carl we have always felt that we were his highest priority. His ability to be incredibly firm with the challenge of improving, combined with his patience in letting us progress at the rate we were capable, provide a great environment for growth and improvement. Carl has always been incredibly well prepared and has tailored his material to exactly what we need. We absolutely know that we are cared for and cared about.

Finally, You Can Lead with Confidence.

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Enjoy Your Job

Stop stressing about leading your employees well and get back to enjoying your work.

Know Your Employees

Learn more about your employees in one hour than most people learn in their whole career.

Get Expert Coaching

Receive expert coaching to walk you through each report and become the master of data.

Have an Objective Filter

Get an objective filter so you can be confident you understand your employees and team.

Grow Your Team

Your team will be even more happy, passionate, and productive.

Go Beyond the Norm

Our services go beyond what sites like Zip Recruiter and Indeed provide to ensure you get the most qualified employees

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Revolutionize Your Team

Right Employees

Enthusiastic and passionate
Team players
In it for the long-haul

Right Culture

Accountability and responsibility
Open communication
Freedom to fail
Company-wide commitment to excellence

Give us a call and start turning your dysfunctional team into your dream team.

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At the core of who we are is helping businesses like yours grow to the next level. A vibrant company culture is the best way to grow success, so we coach teams through tools for rich communication, collaboration, and trust.

Many companies feel like they are at a tipping point—ready to launch forward into the next stage of growth. If that’s you, we’ll help you put the right people and processes in place to thrive in the next phase of your business.

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