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Identify Underlying Issues

As your business grows, discover what complexities are holding you back from going to the next level.

Apply Workable Solutions

Learn about what patterns are statistically proven to help businesses your size grow and implement exactly what’s right for you.

Enjoy Being an Owner Again

Stop feeling frustrated and beyond capacity. Get the right pieces in place so you can get back to enjoying your business.

Just like a medical X-ray, Stages of Growth showed me the real causes of the symptoms and pain I was experiencing in my business. I totally missed the real causes, but now we are on a path to really get healthy again.

We are zeroed in on fixing the real problems.


What is the Stages of Growth X-Ray?

The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ (SOGX) is based on the 7 Stages of Growth development model, a program put together by enterprise expert James Fischer who interviewed over 650 CEOs of successful companies. He discovered that as companies add people, the level of complexity expands. Ultimately, this tool provides key insights into repeatable patterns that businesses encounter when they grow.

Who is it for?

During the SOGX, your company’s management team will discover the hidden dynamics that are shaping the ability of the company to manage its growth. Your leadership team will be able to work from a proven structure to confidently understand what to address and how to apply solutions.

How will it help?

Because the SOGX is developed from a research-based growth model, issues that are raised in an X-Ray are able to be compared to other companies in similar stages of growth. Those comparisons can then be applied to the company’s past, present, and future plans to prepare for what’s next.

Goals for the SOGX

The Stages of Growth X-Ray isn’t a single-sided tool. It gives you the ability to grow as a thriving business and as a more-effective leader.


To provide a laser-like focus on key issues your company is facing based on their past, present, and future stage of growth.


To provide insights into your leadership style and competencies as they relate to your personal stage of growth.

What are you waiting for?

  • Get a deep understanding of where you company is and what you need to do to grow.
  • Build with 6-8 initiatives you can focus on in your next season of business.
  • Receive a benchmark of progress you can review in 9-12 months to evaluate successes and address areas of improvement.
  • Highlight and strengthen leadership styles and competencies so your team’s personalized development plans can align with company initiatives.
  • Rally your employees around the same goals under the same vision.
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